"In this world, we will never run out of research material it seems... But this time, an age of hardship has begun for mages." - Victor Woote

Victor Woote is a side character in Dark Air. He is named after Victor Lemonte Wooten, a real American bass guitarist, record producer, educator, and recipient of five Grammy Awards.

Appearance Edit

Victor is an old man with a great white beard and long hair. He is often seen wearing a white rope with his hand held to his back.

Personality Edit

Victor is a calm yet cautious man who's always looking towards the future. Though he is an old mage, he seems to be quite humble and respectful.

Weapons/Abilities Edit

  • Magic: Not much is known of Victor's ability other than the fact that before Vincent Zappa, he was consider to be among the 3 strongest mage to ever lived.

Story Edit

Victor Woote first appear in chapter one moments after the disappearance of blue air. As his students rushed towards him in a panic to let him know that Blue Air is gone, Victor remained calm, only stating that Mages never seems to run out of new things to research about.