A side character in Dark Air. Ted's weapon of choice is a cross bow. Unlike the rest of his team, he's young. Although he lacks path finding abilities and scouting skills, he's good with his archery and can shoot his enemy from long distances. He is of a lower class in terms of ranking.

He is a member of Team Chopper which comprise of him, Davis, Douglas, and Harley

 Appearance Edit

Ted is a bald middle age man who wears a bandanna over his head and circle classes.

Personality Edit

Ted, as an easygoing personality.

Weapons/Abilities Edit

  • Cross Bow: Ted carries and use a crossbow as his weapon and can shot people dead in the head at long range.
  • Sharp Shooting: Ted has very good sharp shooting skill and can accurately hit his target at long range.

Story Edit

Ted first appear in Chapter 2 where he fired a shot at Melrose's only to be block by Mustain. Before he could do anything else, he was struck by what seems to be clear sky lightning but is actually Melrose using a spell on him.