"Dark Air, Blue Air, both are good. I acknowledge it. As long as I can do what I desire, it's fine. Yes. What I truly want to find. A monster. A monster so strong, it will even corner me..." - Steve Siro Vai

A secondary character of Dark Air, Steve Siro Vai is model after a real life American guitarist, composer, singer, songwriter, and producer who goes by the same name. He is currently the only known Master Lord of the Warrior class.

Appearance Edit

Steve Vai is a sharp looking man who is always seen with sharp shade glasses. He has short gold hair and is always seen carrying a giant sword which he use for combat. Other than his sword, he doesn't carry anything on him.

Personality Edit

Despite having obtain the title and acknowledge by many people as a Master Lord, Steven Vai remain unaffected by the praise given to him. Instead, he refuse to acknowledge it and continue to search for a worthy opponent out there. He is confident yet humble. Easy going yet dedicated. A man that lets his destiny transcend into the flow of history.

Weapons/Abilities Edit

  • Swordsmanship: Among the warrior class, Steve Vai's skill in the sword is unequal. He's especially powerful in his speed which is so fast that it even overcomes the instant teleportation of that Vincent Zappa himself.
  • Great Sword: Steven Vai's weapon of choice is a giant sword which he swing with ease using only one hand. Although is sword is just an ordinary craft, in his hand, he can even penetrate what is thought to be impenetrable.

Story Edit

Before the start of the story, Steve Vai was already famous among the Teams which praise him to be the Master Lord of his very class. It was this very title that drew Shenando to him. After escaping the castle, Shenando confronted Steve Vai in attempt to test her strength. Only to find out that compare to Steve Vai, her strength is but mere child's play. Suffering from a great injury after fighting Steve, Shenando craw her way to the nearest town but fainted before she could get help. It was Steve Vai who carry Shenando to the nearest hospital and saved her life. He and Shenando had a competitive sort of master student relationship since then.

Steve Vai appear in Chapter 1 at the start of the series with his team Sonic Boom containing Misty Bell and Orien Shi. Like the rest of the teams presented there, he and his team was on a record breaking bounty hunt, request by Vincent Zappa himself, to hunt down a young boy. After hearing from Misty Bell that the girl accompanying Mustang was in fact a boy, Steve Vai decided to sit back and watch for things to unfold before he made a move.