A side character in Dark Air. Hyuk is named after a South Korean actress and singer who's a former member of the South Korean girl group Wonder Girls. She is a member of team Musa.

 Appearance Edit

Sohee take on the appearance of a young archer with a head band to keep her hair from blocking her view. She wars a scarf around her neck and two black wristband.

Personality Edit

She's an upbeat naive and young archer who is good with the bow. Although she is quite skilled as a Range, she is still young and inexperienced which can lead her to make some rash decisions.

Weapons/Abilities Edit

  • Scout: Sohee is very good at tracking her enemy and was able to lead her team to Melrose in a nick of time.
  • Sharpshooting: Sohee is very good at shooting from a distant and up close at high accuracy.
  • Radar: Sohee is quite aware of her surrounding and can tell when the enemy is close by.

Story Edit

Sohee first appear in Chapter 1 with the rest of Team Musa as Mustain casually escort a beautiful girl into town. After witnessing Shenando's fight against Team Chopper, she and the rest of Team Musa quickly went after Mustain and got the third battle with them while they were passing by the monster forest.