A side character in Dark Air. San is a serious yet calm man who's a master at the sword. He is a member of Team Musa.

 Appearance Edit

San has the appearance of a dignify samurai. He wears a white kimono with a clean black hat with a black mustache under his nose. Unlike Hyuk, he is very well kept and clean.

Personality Edit

He is a calm and collective sword master skilled enough to cut giant rocks into pieces using only his sword. He too doesn't like to shed blood unnecessarily. But unlike Hyuk, San is a serious man who is very good at reading the situation. He has the mind to retreat when his prey is right in front of him in order to prevent a stronger team from taking it away.

Weapons/Abilities Edit

  • Swordsmanship: San is very skill in the way of the sword and can slice off rocks and tree roots as though they were butter.
  • Sword: Hyuk carries a samurai sword that is sheath inside its cover.
  • Ethereal Slash: A move where San draw his sword twice at unimaginably fast speed which can slice through rocks like it's butter.

Story Edit

San first appear in Chapter 1 with the rest of Team Musa as Mustain casually escort a beautiful girl into town. After witnessing Shenando's fight against Team Chopper, he and the rest of Team Musa quickly went after Mustain and got the third battle with them while they were passing by the monster forest.