A secondary character in Dark Air. Ronny James is name after the real Ronald James Padavona, known professionally as Ronnie James Dio or simply Dio, an American singer, songwriter, and musician.

The one of the best buffer in the world who is the closest to achieving the title Master Lord in the Buffer Class. His weapon of choice is a microphone which he uses to sing. Mustain calls him boss indicating that Mustain might have been in Team Metal Maul in the past seeing that Dio is the leader of the team.

 Appearance Edit

Dio is a middle age man with long red hair and brown eyes. He is often seen wearing a classy English suit and carries with him a classic condenser microphone.

Personality Edit

Dio has a wild yet overly observant personality. He is flashy and likes to draw in crowds. Though he may seem wild and crazy at times, he is actually always calculating and thinking.

Weapons/Abilities Edit

  • Amplifier: Dio has an amazing voice which infinitely amplifies all buffers in range. Mere middle class buff becomes buff that is on par or even better than Grand Master level making him a beast to fight against.
  • Microphone: Dio use a metal classic condenser sing which effectively deliver his awesome voice to the stage and the battle field.

Story Edit

Long before the start of the series, Dio was already renown as the buffer of all buffer reaching heights of Grand Master. Some would even say that as far as buffing goes, he is a Master Lord. Among his Team Metal Maul is a guitarist that is cocky and flamboyant, Dave Mustain. It was from Metal Maul that Dave first made his name and is known for it even after he left Metal Maul.

Dio first appear in Chapter 1 when Mustain and Melrose casually walk into town to scout out Shenando. Not knowing that Melrose is the person Vincent was looking for, Dio and team Metal Maul resorted into observing instead. Even though they were suspicious of their former team member's actions. After witnessing the fight between Shenando and Team Chopper, Mustain and his team was able to escape Dio with a divergence of high screech noise. After seeing that even Shenando is teaming up with that playboy Mustain, Dio can't help but want to find out why Zappa is so hung up of hunting down this boy.