A side character in Dark Air. Roid is the Bourgeois Representative of Faynia of Faynia and follow orders from High Commander Kulara.

 Appearance Edit

Roid is a young handsome man with short spiky hair. He is often seen wearing a high class uniform.

Personality Edit

Roid van Berto respects Kulara a great deal and follows her orders faithfully. He can also lie with a straight face to try and convince other. But he is more or less, a yes man who follows order like a good soldier.

Weapons/Abilities Edit

  • Swordsmanship: Roid combat ability with his sword is high class and can even match that of a thief master.
  • Sword: Roid uses a long sword as his weapon and elegantly moves around with it.

Story Edit

Roid first appear in Chapter 13 to meet with High Commander Kulara. There, he and Nicky White was given an order to search for Princess Rania and bring her back.