Rania Rosy Matea
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Rania Rosy Matea is the younger sister of Queen Tar Firi of Faynia. She is a companion of Melrose, Mustain, Emika, and Forest Freelander who goes under the name Shenando.


Rania is a young woman with short white hair and yellow eyes. She normally seen wearing a white top with a V Shape with white shorts. She also wears a scarf that looks like a cape. She has strong sturdy shoulder's and muscular arms without excess fat. Powerful sinewy thigh's all the way, beautiful reddish-brown skin carrying three swords.


Even as a child, Rania was known for being quiet, resolute, and honorable. She is a serious person who tend lightly to people like Mustain. She has a huge appetite and a keen tongue for extravagant food. Although she seems to not get along with anybody, she seems to get along well with Melrose.

Before deciding to leave the palace life, she converses with Tar Firi, revealing that she found her sister to be more resolute and commanding than she ever would be. Because Firi was willing to sacrifice others for the greater good, Rania claims that she would travel the world and experience life so that she could feel empathy for the "ten percent" that Firi didn't.

Weapons/ AbilitiesEdit

  • Swordsmanship: Shenando is an excellent swordswoman being able to read the length of her enemies weapon in seconds and act accordingly. Her abilities were known by the people while she was young. Because of her skill, Rania can often make clean and accurate hits. Her sword skill extend are nearing the level of a Master Lord fighter.
  • Large Sword: Shenando carries a large sword made with titanium alloy as her main combat weapon. Despite the heaviness and size of the sword, she is able to swing it with ease and with precision as well.
  • Small Swords: Shenando carries two small swords at her side for close quarter combat and can easily switch to it at will with her large sword. She usually likes to stab people in the leg with these swords to stop them from moving.

Story Edit

Long before the story of Dark Air, Shenando was Princess Rania Rosy Matea, second princess of Faynia and potential heir to the throne. She officially competed with her sister Tar Firi for the throne but neither of them really want the bothersome job of becoming queen. While she excel in martial art and combat, Tar Firi excel in scholar and intellect, making them the polar opposite of each other. Despite so, they were very close to each other and would often talk about the country and other topics.

One of the topic that they talked about was the matter of governance. When a ruler comes into a situation between sacrificing the few for the greater good, Rania had a hard time going through with it. But Tar Firi, on the other hand, did not hesitate to make small sacrifice for the good of the realm. Thus Rania recognized Tar Firi as the better fit of the two to become Queen of Faynia. She then told her sister that she would travel the world to experience life and sympathize with the ten percent that Tar Firi did not. Thus, on the day where one of them were to be chosen as queen, Rania fled the kingdom and Tar Firi was chosen as queen by default.

After fleeing the capital, Rania changed her name to Shenando and went under the alias of a sword woman. That was when she decided to confront Steve Vai, who was said to be the strongest swordsman in the world. She wanted to test her strength with him but quickly found out how overwhelmingly weak she was compare to Steve. After her crushing defeat, she dedicated the following three years of her life to growing stronger in order to surpass Steve's strength.That is where our story began.

Shenando first appear in Chapter One as a escort of Count Hundert in order to obtain the Varsir Family plate. After defeating the Thief Guild with ease, she left the Count and made her way to the nearest tavern. That is when she was confronted by Mustain and Melrose asking her to join their team. She refused at first but later reconsidered when she saw that Melrose was actually a boy and potentially the person Vincent Zappa was looking for. But before she could decided, they were attacked by Team Chopper and Shenando was quickly forced into battle.

With Shenando's strength, the three of them were able to defeat Team Chopper with ease and escape into the forest. There, Mustain begin to explain to Shenando that Melrose is able to use magic in Dark Air and is indeed the person that Vincent Zappa was looking for. Now knowing the situation, Shenando agreed to become part of their team and their next move was set to recruit a range shooter into their team.