A secondary character in Dark Air. Misty Bell a forest person half human half beast of the Rhidenbaum Tribe (Cat humanoid). She's taken a liking to Melrose after hearing that he knows about the forest people and their tribe. Only to quickly lose interest when she learn that Melrose wasn't as defenseless as she thought he was.

 Appearance Edit

Misty takes on the appearance of a Cat Humanoid with black fur and yellow eyes. She is often seen with her bow and her cat like ears that stretches above her head.

Personality Edit

Misty Bell is a very talented and capable scout which makes her become lazy and overconfident. Though she is not foolish enough to go easy on enemies she knows is strong, her tendency of underestimating her opponents makes her let her guard down too easily.

Weapons/Abilities Edit

  • Scout: Misty has excellent scouting skill being able to find the enemy and take up favorable position before they find her if they find her at all.
  • Sharp Shooting: Is also a talented shooter being able to fight in long and close distant with her bow alone.
  • Bow: Misty carries a Bow with her which she use for most if not all of her combat.

Story Edit

Misty Bell first appear in Chapter 1 with the rest of Team Sonic Boom as Mustain casually escort a beautiful girl into town. But unlike the rest of the people there, Misty Bell was able to tell that the girl that Mustain was with is actuall a boy dressing as a girl. After hearing that, Steve and Orien's opinion of the situation change drastically.