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Heath Slivringtinker (Father)
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"Yes, I may be contradicting myself for pitting myself into fire even though I want to live. But I definitely won't die. I'll surpass him with my magic, the very magic I learn from him." -Melrose

The main protagonist of the series, Melrose Silvringtinker is one of the very few people who can perform magic in Dark Air. He is currently traveling with Mustain, Forest Freelander, and Shenandoah in order to uncover the truth about Dark Air and Vincent Zappa.


Melrose is a handsome yet feminine young teenager with blond hair and blue eyes. He's occasionally, especially when entering towns, seen dress up as a girl to disguise himself, with various levels of success. He seems to pull off the act rather well, with most unsuspecting people calling him a "beauty". When he is not cross-dressing, Melrose wears regular male clothes. He carries a sword with him that his foster father made for him when he was younger.


Despite the many tragedies in his life, Melrose is a kindhearted person with a positive outlook in life. Melrose is thought of by Shenandoah and Mustain to be overly optimistic. He's very innocent in the way he thinks but is very mature in the decisions he makes, willing to shoulder the consequences of his actions and stand up to what he believes in. For the most part, Melrose is easy to gets along with. He has a personality for jokes and for serious talks as well. He does not like to kill and has a hobby for cross dressing.

Weapons/ AbilitiesEdit

  • Magic: Melrose can use magic from the elements Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind, and so, his skill level is considered by some as that of a Grand Master. Although, he is quite skilled at using magic, Melrose gets very exhausted after using it for an extended period of time. Sometimes, he will even faints and collapses. Because of this, he is often told by Mustain and Shenandoah to not push himself too far in a battle. He has recently shown that he can even perform spirit Magic, an advanced form of magic, along with teleportation. He has even obtain his own unique magic which is light and runs counter to Zappa's darkness magic.
  • Sword: Melrose carries a sword that his foster father made for him. His father called it a "Wizard's Sword" and it is very important to Melrose. In battle, he often embeds his sword with magic and uses the sword as a way to release the magic.
  • Blood of Lau: Being the descendant of Lau, Melrose can use magic despite the absence of Blue Air. More to it than that, Melrose can absorb Blue Air into himself and reserve it for later use.

Story Edit

Long before the story of Dark Air, Melrose was only a child who was found by his foster parents. They took him in and care for him as though he was there own. And seeing as his foster father was a wood sculpture who friendly the forest people, Melrose spent more time in the forest than in human society. Thus, he was able to meet a lot of the forest people and familiarize himself with them. 

It was not long after that that Vincent Zappa approach Melrose, claiming to be his uncle. It was also then that Zappa taught Melrose magic and expose him to Blue Air. As Melrose begin to be more innate with magic, Zappa begin to explain to Melrose the imbalance that Blue Air has brought onto the world. But Melrose opinion differs for like his foster father, he believed that Magic is but a tool and the good and evil that comes out of it are those who use it. Not being able to lead Melrose to his conclusion, Zappa scorch Melrose's foster parents ablaze and tried to take Melrose's life. But miraculously, Melrose survived.  

After lying unconscious and heavily injured on the ground in the range of Titan Mountain, Melrose was picked up by Mustain who happened to be walking by. Even after Melrose was long awake, due to the trauma that he went through, Melrose memories was in shamble and was mentally unstable. But after three years, Melrose made a full recovering and decided to team up with Mustain to uncover the truth about Dark Air. And that is where our story begins. 

Melrose first appear in Chapter One with Mustain while disguising as a woman. To the people who know Mustain, in their eyes, Melrose looks like nothing more than another girl that Mustain had successfully seduce. That was until Misty Bell pointed out that Melrose is actually a guy in girls clothes. As Melrose and Mustain continue to roam the streets, they finally come upon Count Hundert. But the person they were looking for isn't the Count. It was Shenandoah, a melee class of the Grand Master level. Upon the streets, they witnessing Shenandoah reduce the members of the Thieves Guild to rubble in their attempts to kidnap the Count. Melrose was filled with admiration towards Shenandoah as he stood in awe of her prowess and beauty. 

After the attack on the count, Melrose and Mustain quickly approach Shenandoah with the intention of recruiting her to their team. Shenandoah refused at first but reconsider when she saw that Melrose is actually a guy and possibly the person that Vincent Zappa was looking for. But before Shenandoah could agree, they were attacked by the eavesdropping member of Team Chopper, Davis.With Team Chopper appearance, Shenandoah quickly decided to engage in battle while Melrose fled with Mustain.  

With Shenandoah's strength, they were able to easily quell Team Chopper and escape into the forest. But such a fight is not to go unnoticed, especially for high ranking teams like Metal Maul and Sonic Boom. Meanwhile at the forest, Melrose who was fast asleep, dreamed about the time Zappa burn his parents alive. When ask by Shenandoah what Melrose want to do, Melrose reply that he wants to confront Zappa and find out the truth.