A side character in Dark Air. Kulara is the high commander of Faynia and follow direct orders from Queen Tar Firi herself. She is childhood friend of the queen and a skilled warrior. Her existence alone is the reason why Faynia's military might remains unequal to any other nations.

 Appearance Edit

Kulara is a woman with short hair and a scar on her right cheek. She has a tomboyish look and is often seen wearing a full plate armor. Notely, she has two earring hole each on one of her ear even though she doesn't wear any earrings.

Personality Edit

Kulara is a laid back person who is always calm and easy going. Even when fight against an Arc Mage of grand master level, she maintain her aloof and cool nature. Though she may be easy going, her command of the military and military art is second to none which shows that she's all business.

Weapons/Abilities Edit

  • Swordsmanship: Kulara's combat ability with her sword is so grand that she can defeat an Arc Mage of grand master level all on her own. In terms of class, she is no doubt a Master Lord, fighting on par with Steve Vai himself.
  • Great Sword: Like Steven and Shenando, her weapon of choice is a great sword which she easily swing with one hand. She can even create shock wave that can cut people down with it.

Story Edit

Long before the start of the series, Kulara was the childhood friend of her Majesty Queen Tar Firi. Not much is known about her past other than the fact that she and Tar Firi used to be very closed and still am.

Kulara first appear in Chapter 4 to meet with her majesty, Queen Tar Firi of Feynia. She reported the victory over the alliance force gather by the nations of Glas, Glorknir, Douku and their retreat to the outer borders of Feynia. She also reported the swift victory over the northwest alliance comprise of the nations Namyang, Flandour, and Taruken. Signaling the defeat of all the nations opposing Feynia's rule.

After reporting the military situation to Queen Tar Firi, Kulara was asked by the queen to give her report on the recapture of Princess Rania. Kulara told the Queen that the scout sent to Rosenheim was unsuccessful in bring the princess back. To the Queen displeasure, she voice her anger on wanting to head spear the search herself and tear some limb apart. Kulara advice the queen to remain calm for her duty is to rule.

Afterwards, they move onto the topic of Vincent Zappa. It would seem that Zappa has not made any direct movement and has locked himself away from his tower. But rumor has it that he has sent a record breaking bounty to look for a boy dead or alive. Both Kulara and Queen Tar Firi ponder among themselves what Zappa is planning.