"Remember the sound of my beat. It's the last thing you'll ever hear! I'll play it loud and clear for you to remember." -Kenneth Olsen

A side character in Dark Air. Kenneth Olsen is named after American engineer Kenneth Harry Olsen who co-founded Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC).

 Appearance Edit

Kenneth is a middle age man with masculine feature and a long mustache. He is bald and has virtually no eyebrows. He's seen carrying two drum stick for his drum that he use to buff his team's strength.

Personality Edit

Kenneth is a serious person who takes is job seriously. He likes to talk back to his team and would sometimes even start a verbal fight with them in the middle of battle.

Weapons/Abilities Edit

  • Buff Skill: Though he is not at the level of Grand Master, he is quite skilled with is buffing skills and can buff his team's quite well.
  • Drum: Kenneth plays an old style drum which he use to buff his team.
  • Strong Merman: An offensive buff that increase the strength of his team.
  • Iron Skin: A defense buff that increase the toughness of his team's armor. Enabling then to take heavy damage without suffering major injuries.

Story Edit

Kenneth first appear in Chapter 1 with the rest of Team Norman as Mustain casually escort a beautiful girl into town. After witnessing Shenando's fight against Team Chopper, he and the rest of Team Norman quickly went after Mustain and got the next battle with them in the forest.

While there, he and his team were able to fight effectively against Mustain and Shenando. Though they suffered a minor defeat, they had hope that their teammate Sven will be able to get their prize but they end up empty handed.