A side character in Dark Air. Hyuk is named after a South Korean singer and actor, signed under Jellyfish Entertainment. He is a member of team Musa.

 Appearance Edit

Hyuk has the appearance of a wild Ronin. He wears a white kimono with torn sleeves with unkept hair and a scar on his face across from his nose.

Personality Edit

Although Hyuk is strong as a sword master, he doesn't like to shed blood unnecessarily. Though his rash nature and tendency to underestimate his opponent is his greatest weakness.

Weapons/Abilities Edit

  • Swordsmanship: Hyuk is very skill in the way of the sword and can effectively create shock way with his weapon.
  • Sword: Hyuk carries a samurai sword that is sheath inside its cover.
  • Sparrow Edge: A move where Hyuk slice around him at unimaginably fast speed to create a shock wave of 360 degree around him.

Story Edit

Hyuk first appear in Chapter 1 with the rest of Team Musa as Mustain casually escort a beautiful girl into town. After witnessing Shenando's fight against Team Chopper, he and the rest of Team Musa quickly went after Mustain and got the third battle with them while they were passing by the monster forest.