A minor character in Dark Air. Heinz is name after the founder of the company famous for ketchup.

 Appearance Edit

Heinz is a bald old man.

Personality Edit

Heinz is, for the most part, laid back and peeved. Though he can be quite social when he has to.

Weapons/Abilities Edit

  • Information: Heinz seems to know a lot of details of what's going on which allows him to differentiate between the truth and rumors.

Story Edit

Heinz first appear in Chapter 1 when Mustain went into his inn looking for a room. He was surprise to see Mustain with a beautiful girl but quickly got disinterest as Mustain ask him for information. After telling Mustain what he knows, he suspected Mustain to be involve with the latest fuss but quickly quash that idea when he remember that the person everyone was looking for is a boy.