A side character in Dark Air. Haryley is name after the famous motorcycle company Harley Davidson in US. He's a Rhino. His skin is said to be impenetrable by any sword. Yet, he fell after taking one strike from Shenando. He was about to be killed by Shenando before his team pleaded for her to spare his life.

He is a member of Team Chopper which comprise of him, Davis, Ted, and Douglas

 Appearance Edit

Harley is a giant rhino with a big horn and tough skin. He also wear a leather armor plate that is covered in metal spikes.

Personality Edit

Harley is prone to anger as his rider, Douglas rides him around. Though he can feel fear as well as he face with Shenando's sword.

Weapons/Abilities Edit

  • Horn: Harley has razor sharp horns that can penetrate anything. Adding on to the spike on his armor makes him a force to be reckoned with.
  • Tough Skin: Harley has very tough skin which is said to be impenetrable by any sword. Yet, he fell with one swing of Shenando's sword.

Story Edit

Harley first appear in Chapter 3 when his team failed to capture Melrose. He and Douglas charge into town in attempt to take down Shenando, only to be taken down by her instead. When Shenando was about to kill Harley, Harley's team begged for his life and he was spared.