A side character in Dark Air. Douglas is Harley's rider. An old man who wears a leather shirt like a harley driver. He is cocky and thinks he's invincible when he's on Harley. He is of a lower class in terms of ranking.

He is a member of Team Chopper which comprise of him, Davis, Ted, and Harley

 Appearance Edit

Douglas is a bald old man with a great sharp beard. He wars a motorcycle cap on his head and have the appearance of a motorcycle driver.

Personality Edit

Douglas is quite cocky and will look down on his teammates when they fail to do their job. When he's riding Harley, he becomes even more cocky

Weapons/Abilities Edit

  • Rider: Douglas is very good at riding and can control Harley at quick speed.
  • Harley: Douglas rides Harley and will mow down anything in his path.

Story Edit

Douglas first appear in Chapter 3 when his team failed to capture Melrose. He rode Harley into town thinking of taking down Shenando but he and Harley was taken down instead. Right before Shenando kill Harley, he pleaded for her to stop along with the rest of his team.