A side character in Dark Air. Named after the famous motor cycle company Harley Davidson in the US. His weapon of choice is a ranch. He's an old bald man with a temper. He wears a helmet and protective googles like a mechanic. He and his team was the first team to attack Melrose. In terms of rank, he is of a lower class.

He is a member of Team Chopper which comprise of him, Douglas, Ted, and Harley

 Appearance Edit

Heinz is a bald old man who is seen wearing a machinists clothe like a harly driver. He wears a motorcycle helmet along with spike plate armor. He has a mustache.

Personality Edit

Davis is a hot temper old man who likes to eavesdrop on people if he can.

Weapons/Abilities Edit

  • Ranch: Davis use a giant range as his weapon which he swing with ease.

Story Edit

Davis first appear in Chapter 1 when Mustain went into town with Melrose disguised as a woman. Davis and his team couldn't help but notice that Mustain is acting fishy as he's walking about with a beauty by his side.

After eavesdropping on Mustain and Shenando, Davis quickly came out to demand that they hand over Melrose to him. Refusing to do so, Mustain took Melrose and ran. Davis quickly went after them but was block by Shenando who he told should be on his team instead. But as they fought, Shenado quickly over powered him and struck his leg with her side sword.

Mobilize, he had no choice but to leave his team to fight against Shenando. Sadly, his entire team fell before Shenando and even their rhino Harly got taken down. He pleaded for Shenando to spare Harly's life as she was about to take the rhino's life.