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Dark Air (다크에어) is a Fantasy/Adventure Manhwa written by Park Min-Seo. It follows the adventures of a young Mage named Melrose Silvringtinker and his companions, a musician/buffer named Mustaine, a swordswoman named Shenando, a forest being namedForest Freelander, and a young healer named Emika. The series is complete, with 12 volumes published.


Synopsis: The world is filled with an abundant source of energy described by many as a breath of life in a beautiful shade of blue. Those who could manipulate this source of energy are known as "Mages." But after an unknown occurrence, the once abundant Blue Air completely disappeared from the world. Mages who were once powerful in magic and politics became nothing more than weak old men. The age of Dark Air has dawn. But despite the absence of Blue Air, there is one Mage who can still use magic. Vincent Zappa, the most powerful magician in the world. Being the only person who can use magic, Zappa became a symbol of power and fear throughout the land. That is until rumors of Zappa's desperate attempts to find a handsome young boy named Melrose Silvringtinker begins to spread amongst the streets. Rumors of a boy who has the power to rival that of Zappa himself.


Main Characters


Momento Mori[]

Melody Barnes - One of the leaders of Momento Mori. She is a powerful Mage that spearheads the activities of Momento Mori, an organization that wants to bring down Vincent Zappa and restore Blue Air.

Victor Woote - One of the leaders of Momento Mori. He is a calm yet anxious Mage whose thoughts and worries skew towards the future rather than the present. Out of the three leaders, he is the wisest.

Viddich - One of the leaders of Momento Mori. He used to be an Archmage until the events of Dark Air. Now, he spends his days experimenting and researching a way to bring back Blue Air.

Cold Blood - A senior member of Momento Mori and an Ice Mage. He likes to skewer his enemies with ice spears. He's the former teacher of Mariel.

Destroy - A senior member of Momento Mori and an Earth Mage. He's the former master of Humberto.

Rich Burn - A senior member of Momento Mori and a Fire Mage. He's the former master of Ethan.

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