Melee AttackerEdit

This class is comprised of warriors, thieves, assassins, etc. They're the initiators and the tanker of the team. They do most of the fighting and sustain most of the heavy damage.

Buffer & DebufferEdit

This class is comprised of musicians of all kind and witch. They're the support and the crowd control of the team. They usually stay in the back to buff the melee attacker as well as debuff the enemy.

Range AttackerEdit

This class is comprised of scouts, archers, pathfinders, etc. They're the eyes and the sharp shooter of the team. They're usually seen out of battle, scouting and gathering information while looking for an opportunity to deal a fatal blow to the enemy.


This class is comprised of mages that use their knowledge of spells to deal damage to the enemy. They're the nukers of the team and is usually at the back of the battle channeling spells upon their enemy.


This class is comprised of holy users that summon spirit of the other dimension to heal their team. They are usually kept away from battle and is only call for once a team member is in need of dire healing power.


Grand MasterEdit

One can receive the title of Grand Master once they become experts at their respective class. For melee attackers, it is the strength to take on the melee role without the need of other melee attackers. For Buffer & Debuffer, it is the ability to cast offensive buff and defensive buff at the same time. For range attacker, it is the ability to scout, radar, and sharp shoot flawlessly. For magicians, it is the ability to use all elemental spells or to master an element at the level at which ancient spells can be cast. For healer, it is the ability to high summon a deity of holy that can heal injuries of near fatal levels.

Master LordEdit

One receive the title of Master Lord when they go beyond all expectations in their respective class and become peerless. A person who has obtain the rank of Master Lord no longer needs the use of a team to match the strength of other teams. Master Lords are usually by themselves and don't associate with other people.